Ty J. Young: Give Wings to Your Financial Dreams

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Ty J. Young: Give Wings to Your Financial Dreams

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Ty J. Young, Founder, Ty J. YoungTy J. Young, Founder
"Live off the interest gained from the growth of your investments and keep your principal intact."

Ty J. Young nurtured his soul with these golden nuggets that his grandmother bequeathed to him decades ago. Growing up, Young realized that people tend to change station in life as their demand for financial security grows with increasing responsibilities. He also noticed that they plunged into investing without any safety gear. Because the existing strategies for building a diversified portfolio had several gaps in them, people’s investments were virtually defenseless. “Investing in stock market was like buying a car that has no safety belts or airbags," says Young. To beat the status quo, Young took upon himself to build 'safety belts and airbags’ for people’s risk-associated investments and founded Ty J Young Inc, a wealth management company, in 1998.

Fast forward to today, Ty J, with its team of seasoned financial advisors and investment professionals, has aced investment management, wealth management, and retirement planning with a specialization in finance, securities, and insurance domains. Operating across the US, Ty J uses guaranteed insurance contracts to build for its clients’ portfolios that are designed to harvest market opportunities and increase the income while remaining safe from the unexpected market downturns. "Our clients love our ability to deliver on three key areas: safety of principal, consistently high returns, and lower fee," says Young.

Ty J's secret sauce lies in its comprehensive strategy, aka three-legged stool. While other traditional investment management companies stop at generating income and ensuring growth to protect the income, Ty J goes one step ahead and creates a protective layer to support that growth.

Our clients love our ability to deliver on three key areas: safety of principal, consistently high returns, and lower fee

"With our third piece, we curate strategies to protect the growth of clients’ portfolio based on their unique goals. Optimizing the account setup is fundamental to ensure their portfolio is ready to weather the storm," says Young. “Account setup is your key to sustain an affluent life that you have come to build.”

Take the case of a 50-year-old couple who walked into Ty J’s office wishing for a tangible retirement plan. That couple today has earmarked all their wealth to their grandchildren. With Ty J on their side in the last 20 years, the couple has lived off the monthly income gained out of their portfolio while their principal has remained safe. When the 2008 economic meltdown brought even the smartest investors to their knees, the couple (and all the other clients of Ty J, for that matter) were safe from the severe jolt. They saw their checks coming in promptly without a penny reduced. At the outset of the engagement, team Ty J worked closely with the client to understand their priorities and their vision of a successful post-retirement life before setting up the portfolio and curating it for maximum outcomes.

“When it comes to building a portfolio, one size doesn't fit all—and why should it?” says Young. Every person has different goals, aspirations, needs, and motivations about their retirement. And Ty J thrives on building a portfolio that reflects an individual’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations. “This has been possible because of the passion and resolve of our immensely talented and experienced professionals who leave no stone unturned to shape people’s investments to perfection.” The team is backed by the company’s vast network of insurance carriers and custodians who also play an important role in the account set up.

Having acquired 10 companies in the last one year, Ty J is growing exponentially, touching more lives with great rewards. The firm is making huge investments in digital technologies to revamp its business processes. It is also building a video library to educate people on managing finances. Ty J believes in the idea of return of the investments rather than return on investments.

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Ty J. Young

Ty J. Young


Ty J. Young, Founder

Ty J. Young, Inc. helps people fulfil their financial dreams and sustain an affluent lifestyle post retirement